Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Make it an event of a lifetime!

Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Make it an event of a lifetime!

Ah, to plan an al fresco wedding - The tender breeze, the blue sky and the picturesque view, seems too good to be true. It sure is!

An outdoor wedding adds a lot more fun and character to a ceremony, offering the natural beauty of the place. Whether it is a resort, a private country club, a section in a park or a golf course with a lush green view, there’s always some hitch and glitch in an outdoor wedding. Due to the two sides of the coin, it is always advisable for the bride and the groom to stopover a couple of venues for the big day before you settle for one.

A lot can go wrong in an outdoor wedding, in order to ensure that your enchanted ceremony isn’t getting onslaught by gory mosquitoes or an untimely drizzle you need to be prepared and in doing so, consider these important factors:

1.       Weather playing the tricks! – Always take a note of the weather and the comfort of the guests. You want your guest to stay for the whole ceremony, don’t you? Opt for a wedding venue with some shade (you don’t want your guests to get tanned, do you?). Trees also add to the beauty of the place. Additionally, make sure that you are prepared for the worst scenario. A windy day can affect decorations, immaculately dressed dinner tables and table linens (this brings me to my next point).

2.       Back up plans are a must! – Make sure you have a backup plan in case things don’t work out in your favour. Select a location that is probably equipped with a spare function hall to save your guests from unexpected rain.

3.       Check out the aisle please… - Tripping over is a brides least favourite debacle. Ensure that the aisle for the bride has an even surface and is free of anything that could make her fall.

4.       If it is an outdoor venue after all, make sure it will look stunning on your big day – Whether it’s the surrounding view or the lush greenery, you would want to put in the least effort in terms of decoration. Let the natural beauty of the place be enough in itself. Pick a place that nothing more than flowers and candles to create a mesmerizing setting!

5.       Make sure the facilities are available nearby – Try to pick a place that has a restroom nearby. That’s an absolute necessity (remember, the bridesmaids need to use the loo about every 5 seconds).

6.       Choose a place that is not prone to flies, mosquitoes and other annoying little pests – Make sure the event organizer is taking some preventive measures to avoid such problems (imagine pictures of your guests squishing flies and mosquitoes – not cool!).

7.       Ample light please! – Choose a location that is adequately lit during mornings and evenings both, so that the photographs are all bright and beautiful. Candles or strung lights and lamps can also be a good option to add more light to your venue.

In the end, don’t stress too much. If your heart says yes, just go for it. Sometimes, things do have an appropriate fix, but the best way to enjoy and be happy is listening to your heart! There are no rules. Break free and break in for an amazing wedding day!

Have a happy wedding and an even happier life ahead. :)