Saree Inspirations From Shilpa Reddy Part 2

Saree Inspirations From Shilpa Reddy Part 2

So many things have changed through these years. Technology, cultures, couture. But there is one thing that has never changed even years through. Sarees! The very word gives us the feels of actually being draped in those gorgeous threads. Shilpa Reddy is here again to lure us all into her world of absolutely amazing fashion of draping the saree like a boss that she already is. These pictures are proof that women like her can take the dress up game to a whole new level and we are sure that you guys agree with us on that.

A very simple saree with minute mirror works on the borders takes all the glory.


Heavily worked with stones and value additions, this saree brings the best features out of any woman when worn.

A saree worn with boots. Woah! There is the hit!

A long blouse with a checked saree worn with the hair tied into a bun. This is goals!

This matte-y maroon saree with minimal designs and an intricate border is all a bride wants.

This dark green saree with a transparent neck blouse with black value additions are just the right dose of beauty.

This plain pink saree with a contrast blouse is going to be the hit of the day.

This dual shaded saree paired with a dark blue blouse with a chocker and jhumka is all it takes to make you much more beautiful.

This beautiful saree paired with a huge pearl necklace is going to put you under the spotlight.

The amount of elegance and grace this saree brings shall never be omitted.