The Ultimate Use Of Jute As Return Gifts At Your Weddings! - Go Happily Green!!

The Ultimate Use Of Jute As Return Gifts At Your Weddings! - Go Happily Green!!

Weddings are so much fun! All your family members, close friends and relatives, come all the way from distant places to be a part of your happy beginnings. They make you feel loved, wanted and special. And you are filled with gratitude that they made it for your wedding, just for you!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a way to show your gratitude, appreciation and love for them? Well... Everybody loves gifts! So, why not reciprocate the love by giving them return gifts? Not only will it make them happy, it will also make them feel honoured, appreciated and special. And if you are a responsible citizen, we have some absolutely perfect eco-friendly options for you. Just so you know, all our options have one thing in common  Jute! Jute is not only environment friendly but it is also a versatile material. They can be personalised and are a perfect way to flaunt your monogram!

From naughty Jhanvi and hard-to-please Sheela aunty to your chaddi-buddy Sanju and image-of-sophistication cousin sister,  it is easy to find something unique for everybody.

1. Jute Bags

Of course! Jute bags are the first thing that comes to your mind. Trendy, colourful, vibrant  they make perfect return gifts for ladies.

Jute (1) Jute (3)Jute (2)

You can even personalize them for your teenage cousins or favourite friends who share your crazy vibes. Use a bit of imagination and you can find something absolutely special for little fashionistas in your family!

 Jute (4)Jute (1)

2. Purses

Purses made of jute are also a very good option if you don't want to go in for big-sized bags. They are more compact and practical for gifting purposes.

Jute (5) Jute (6)

Or you could go for some pouches instead. Use zari and embellishments to give it an ethnic touch.

Jute (9)Jute (8) Jute (7)

3. Chocolates and Coffee beans goody bags

If you are thinking of goody bags as return gifts, why not use jute bags for wrapping them in? For kids, fill it up with chocolates and they will thank you for it! For coffee lovers, you can try coffee beans! For wine lovers... well! It's a no-brainer.

Jute (10) Jute (12) Jute (11)

Gifting jars of marmalade or pickles to foodies in the family is a yummylicious idea too! The idea is to personalize the gifts as per the taste of your guests. And wait till they shower you with compliments for being so thoughtful. Oh yeah... you can thank us later!

Jute (13)

4. Jute Lampshades

You did not think of this, did you? Well... Jute lampshades add a touch of elegance to living room and what better gift for a person who likes decor and interiors than a cozy lampshade to brighten up their living space?

Jute (15) Jute (14)

On the other hand, you can even think about candle stands or other lighting options that uses jute!

Jute (16) Jute (17)

5. Footwear

For close friends who have fetish for shoes, why not present them jute footwear which will be a totally unique and a very personal gift?

Jute (19) Jute (20) Jute (18)

6. Plants:

Since you have decided to go eco-friendly anyways, how about gifting plants in jute bags for your aunt with green fingers or the distant uncle who loves his garden as much as he loves his wife?

Jute (21)

7. Interior Decor:

Jute placemats are perfect gifts for close family members who like to a perfect balance of art, design, colour and subtle use of natural materials to vamp up their living space.

Jute (22) Jute (23)

Pillows made up of jute materials also add an oomph to the bedroom decor.

Jute (24) Jute (25)

How about your family waking up to a perfect cup of coffee placed on beautiful jute coasters followed by a plate of hot breakfast with cutleries laid beautifully on a jute holder...

Jute (26) Jute (27)

8. Ornaments

Jute ornaments can also be gifted to those who love funky designs and tribal trends. Watches, belts, earrings, necklace, you are spoilt for choice!

Jute (28)

The list can go on and on because as we had mentioned before, jute is a versatile material and it can be used anywhere to impart a natural look. They are relaxing, beautiful and good for the nature. What's good for the nature is good for us. So, pick the best return gifts for your family and friends, personalize them to their tastes and watch the gratitude rolling in!