Thoughtful and Creative – These Traditional and Classy Wedding Gifts are ‘THE’ gift for the Couple!

Now that the wedding season is in full swing, I know what all of you are thinking – What shall you gift to the happy couple? Of course, gifts are an important token of love and appreciation. It’s a small gesture to convey how happy you are to witness them tying the knot.

In a country with a rich cultural heritage, weddings are a grand event. Gift registries are not a thing in India, unlike the west. There’s just so much more to do – family dynamics, the multi – layered drama, finicky priests and astrologers and amongst all this, the couples like being surprised by presents. But you don’t need to wrack your brain for months to figure out the perfect present. This list will help you perfectly well.

Throw the Mithai Ka Dabbas out of the window, coz we got some out of the box present to help you make a good impression – HOW? We’ll tell you!

1. Decorated Puja Thalis – Beautifully decorated Puja Thalis are well admired and can be easily found. Also, they are available in a low budget. After all, what’s better than beginning a long and happy married life with the blessings from the almighty? This is a great pick for the more conservative and devout couples. Fancy incense holders and aarti stands are other alternatives. You can think about gifting religious paintings.

2. Porcelain hand painted vases – Handicrafts are a pure delightful for many. Especially, a couple that’s going to begin a new life together, home décor is a great gift. When you add a pinch of antique look to the incredible handicraft items the equation becomes -> PRICELESS. Other alternatives include hand painted porcelain jewellery boxes (fill it up with a trinket or two and there you have it - a happy bride!).

3. Silver presents for the couple – Considered as an auspicious present for weddings, silver offers you a range of options to gift. Additionally, it is rather easy on the pocket, compared to gold. Gem studded silver jewellery, silver spoons, silver cutlery, silver pepper and salt shakers, card holders, coins, ornaments, brooches, watches, bottle stoppers, etc. make a gift worth giving.

4. A pot of premium honey – Honey has health benefits and is a unique present. You can even make a gift basket by adding some fancy items including honey, marmalade, exotic coffee and jams. Wrap it up in a customized packing and voila – you have a classy, chic and out of the box gift!

5. Jewellery (the key to the bride’s joy!) – Obvious choice when it comes to gifts, still a classic. In India, jewellery has an inseparable relation with wedding ceremonies and every female is seen loaded in glittering gold and diamonds. If you wish to add more zing to the bride’s joy, gifting jewellery is the best option. You have a wide range of options from bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, bangles, anklets, necklaces etc. in gold, silver, platinum, kundan, precious stones, titanium or jade.

Wrapping up:

Whatever your budget may be, you can find some unique presents. If nothing else works, make a little home décor basket with bed covers, candles and other small items. Wrap it up impressively and worry no more coz you have a winner!

Happy gifting!