Top 5 Essential Makeup Tips!

Top 5 Essential Makeup Tips!

1. Picking your foundation: The first step to getting your make- up right is to pick a foundation that suits and enhances your skin colour. Make sure to try on your foundation before you buy it, many people make the mistake to judge the colour by the one printed on its label. Also, the best way to apply foundation is from your cheeks to your jaw, cover your forehead and eyelids too. Add concealer to your under-eye areas for full coverage. For those of you who have oily skin, the best way to avoid your make up from smudging is to apply a thin coat of dry powder over your liquid foundation. Just make sure that your neck doesn't look dark compared to your face.

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2. Blush it right: Blush is a very important part of make-up. Now, if you're a newlywed bride you're bound to have a jam packed schedule with constant dinners, family gatherings and social obligations. This will take a toll on your skin and often will make your face look pale. If you have light skin, use a peach or pastel pink based blush and avoid dark tones. On the other hand, if you have a darker skin then colours like cherry red and deep maroon will bring out the best. Use professional brushes to apply your make-up, the brushes you get with your make-up won't do justice to you.

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3. Dress that pout: When we speak about lip colours, it's always safer to stick to one colour that suits your skin. Often, when women use lip liners, the difference between the lipstick and lip liner is pretty obvious and looks tacky. So make sure the colour matches also, the lipstick should be coloured in completely. The trick behind getting the lip stick right is to use a brush to apply instead of applying it directly.

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4. For that Saturday Night: So when you're going out clubbing, even for a girls night out, you want to look your best. You can't over-do the glitter and glossy look though. If you are wearing a sequined dress, do not make your make-up shiny, it'll kill your outfit. On the other hand, if your outfit is subtle, jazz it up with a little glitter based eye shadow. For your lips however, there are strict rules. For example, lip gloss shouldn't be applied on more than one coat especially if you're planning on drinking since lip gloss is bound to get sticky after a point.


5. Enhance your Eyes: Eye make-up is probably the most difficult thing to get right and doesn't suit everybody. For your everyday routine stick to a thin liner along your eyelashes, a few strokes of mascara and simple kajal. But if you want it to take it a step further add a little eye shadow into the look. The most important part of your eye make-up is mascara, apply one long stroke from your roots and then a finishing stroke to separate your eyelashes. Make sure to use an eye lash curler before applying mascara to give it the essential curve. To make things easier for yourself, use a magnifying make-up mirror to do your eye make-up, it'll make a lot of difference.

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