Top Wedding Entertainment Ideas For The Guests

Top Wedding Entertainment Ideas For The Guests

Everything from the decor, the venue and the menu has been ardently chosen and selected for the fast approaching dream event - Your Wedding. Certainly, each one of us desires to have a wedding that is a never-seen-before-affair!

Hold on, take a pause, what about the entertainment of your guests? You will never influence the world by following the crowd, you have to think out-of-the-box, think different, think offbeat!

If your desire is that your guests rave about your wedding, try some of these incredible ideas by famous Wedding Consultant Pradeep from Marriage Colors. Rest assured Pradeep’s exceptional ideas will keep your guests well entertained and let your guests savor the moments for years to come.

Chocolate Immersion

It is difficult to find someone who does not indulge into the auburn sugar glazed sweet delights. Let your guests immerse themselves in these dark fantasies by arranging a self-serve station where they can relish their customized concoctions. Adorn the table with arrays of fixings like marshmallows, caramel sauce, choco-chips, white chocolate chips, peppermint stir sticks, whipped cream etc. You can also list down various options and amalgamations on a menu along with the DIY instructions on what flavors and toppings to mingle with. A chocolate fountain shall be an interactive entertainment while hot chocolate over a chocolate cake serves as a double dose of sweetness.

Rare Chemistry

What has liquid nitrogen to do in weddings? Let your guests be god-smacked and rejoice having Nitrogen popcorns or Nitrogen ice-creams, which produces beautiful chilled clouds of Nitrogen fog. This absolutely safe to consume Nitro magic is a cutting-edge culinary delight. Pick from any combination of mix-ins and flavors and the professional chef or caterer will instantly freeze them right in front of your eyes! These liquid nitrogen ice creams are smoother and creamier as this freezing process produces very few ice crystals. So include this in your wedding planner and let the sky be the limit for your guests to indulge in different flavors.

Picture Perfect

Weddings are events with lots of emotions and words to display. Everyone has a speech to make and everyone desires a spotlight. A photo or video booth will allow your guests to express themselves and their deepest feelings comfortably in the seclusion. You can either take your perfect snapshots or record your heartfelt message on the kiosks placed in the booths with the touch screen display. Have your say from anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. After the allowed time recording stops automatically it resets for new guests. These can then be put together in a DVD and given as a grateful give away to the guests or sent to distant friends or relatives which shall serve as a souvenir for years!

Coffee Fortune Teller

Whether Greek or Turkish, Coffee fortune telling is intriguing. Who knew reading coffee cups can make predictions? But this art of tasseography is utterly complex. The procedures may differ but the results are based on the various symbols that appear in the grounds hence narrating the accurate fortune. Whether your guests believe in it or not, this is one such topic which will keep your guests busy discussing their outcomes.

Remember The Youngest Guests

Clad in heavy attires, it is too difficult for mommies to run after their kids and on other hands, kids may get bored and irritated at weddings if there's not much in for them. So to keep your younger guests entertained you can choose from a variety of ideas. Arrange for a kid's desk flooded with crafts, crayons and legos or some games to keep them busy. Have a puppeteer perform or a kid's movie or a show. Kid's tents which have activities and goodie bags can also be one of the options. Apart from this, taking care of these little guest's taste buds is important as well. Arrange for a kid's bar which serves jellies, cookies and similar such kiddie delights. And yes, do remember to hire responsible teens or staffs to monitor them and attend them.

The options are practically endless! When these exceptional guest entertainment ideas are there for your rescue your guests sway in a harmonious mood and the tone is set for the rest of the day with fun and cheer.