Turning Mehendi Function Into A Pool Party - A Perfect Outdoor Decor Inspiration

Turning Mehendi Function Into A Pool Party - A Perfect Outdoor Decor Inspiration

Weddings are a family affair for a reason. It's a time for every relative to come together and put aside their differences, sit back and relax, enjoy the whole shinding with a smile on their face and joy in their hearts. And every function leading up to the big day is important as it sets the pace and rhythm. Doesn't it stand to reason that having a Mehendi function near a pool and on a garden adds a hip tone to the mostly traditional ceremony? It's a party-slash-function in one. Take a look at this decor and this location, it is exciting and fun. Credits - The Wedding Tusker PicsArt_1453262927563

The welcome sign and the flower rangoli is inviting and colourful. 20160116_101344That's a cycle we ought to ride with a special someone, all dressed up. 20160116_101739 Sit by the pool with cocktails in hand, face turned up to the sun in style. 20160116_101939

A simple sheer fabric and a neat bow is all it takes to make even the chair look like it's attending a function. PicsArt_1454697055502 The getaway vehicle is ready and matches the festive cheerful mood. PicsArt_1454613212613 A garden party needs a kettle, and kettle that holds a bouquet is cute! PicsArt_1454613157655 Come and lounge like a princess. PicsArt_1454613289135 This colourful and bright decor seems to call out to the ladies to the make-shift tent, to gather around and have fun. 20160116_125337

Gather around and get your fortunes read. 20160116_101532 Putting fun in funky, this decor is so selfie-worthy! 20160116_101653

Decorated carts for delicious food. 12998256_493474214171234_2792516785238552075_o Flowers in a jar, this over-head flower hanging is perfect. PicsArt_1454613685246 Musical chairs, Anthaakshari, or telling funny/memorable stories, this is the best-way-to-go.