Versatile Lotus Wedding Decor Ideas

Versatile Lotus Wedding Decor Ideas

Themed weddings have become the norm now. You can make your wedding unique by choosing a unique theme. Something romantic that suits the wedding scene but isn't overpowering.

The stage backdrop is going to be visible in almost all your wedding photos. The soft pink of well-arranged lotus buds will create a soothing background. We love how simple yet beautiful this pattern is.


U shaped hangings are usually done with flower garlands. But lotus buds look a lot more grand than any other flower garland ever could. Don't you agree?


Placing lotuses on jasmine wall hangings at regular intervals looks pretty doesn't it? Those brass bells add to the temple like ambiance that has been created.


Lotus buds hanging from the top gives the sense of a lotus shower! Like it's raining lotus buds! It's a simple decor idea that can create a lot of impact.

We hope you liked these lotus decor ideas. Do you have a theme idea that you would like to share with us? Write to us in comments!

Image credits - @lakiru# and @foton#