Wedding Entertainment Is Not A Game - Interesting Games To Entertain Guests

A wedding is the time for festivities and celebration. They are meant to be fun and reunions, togetherness and frolic. The need to bring all your loved ones on a common activity is the need of the hour. Simple but engaging games that everyone participates in bring a special joy to the occasion.

Activities that involve paper and pen

The wedding has a number of smaller functions that are attended by the extended family. It is a great way to increase participation and interest by arranging small and vibrant games.

  • Couples can be asked to list the favorite foods that are on the menu and the other spouse should be able to recognize the choice of their better halves.

  • The mocktails can also receive the same treatment, and in fact you can ask one of the participants to make the drink according to the preference of their partner.

  • You can ask the participants to list the seven vows that are solemnized at the time of the pheras, with a special connotation for their spouse. The fun in reading out the different computations and perceptions can be highly entertaining.

Traditional games with a modern twist

The big fat Indian wedding has many traditions that are in fact games in themselves.

  • Let us take the example of “joota Chipai”, or hiding the shoes. The modern twist happens when all the men are asked to open their shoes in one corner and the wives are to get the shoes from the pile. This works with men’s shoes as they are often very similar. The laughs that this elicits are humongous. You can then ask the husband for a token amount to return the shoes, much like the sister-in-law and the groom!

  • In another game the women were asked to extend ring less fingers from behind a screen and the men were to recognize their wife’s hand. Then you can ask the couple to keep holding hands till the next half an hour. You will be surprised at the confusion a hand without familiar rings and bangles can create.

  • Blindfolding the male and asking him to feel and stick a bindi on the forehead of his partner can be hilarious. The couple may be allowed to speak out instructions like left, right, up or down. The couple who comes closest to the right spot can be declared the winner. The bindis stuck all over perfectly made up faces can be really amusing.

Enjoy the wedding you are celebrating with great joy and create memories that can be recalled with a smile for years to come. These simple games will do the trick!