Wedding Photography Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

2017 has been a year full of surprises and we shall not miss to re-visit some of those extra-ordinary moments. Whilst that being the case, we fell and believe that 2018 has something amazing in store too. While wondering about the trends that have crawled their way up to the start of 2018, we thought we might as well ask people who have been keeping up with pace. We are back again with some of Pixel Story, Bangalore's finest works and ideas to elevate the photography styles in 2018. While asked what were the trends that were cropping in in 2018, this was what they had to say.


a.      Boho Weddings - These weddings look like a mythical and enchanted experience that have been ripped of with an earthy and fantastic flavour. 

b.      Exclusive couple shoot depicting couple’s real life personality and their story - This trend has become a trend now. Usage of caricatures of real-life people has also been an               addition to this space.

 c.     Exotic Prewedding shoots with a lot of architectural and natural elements with more focus on the couple’s chemistry than the props around.

d.      Arial photography trends will continue to be the same amazing work that they already are.

e.      Unplugged weddings have risen in number and will still be so.

f.       Groom Portraits that have been more challenging and amusing just like bridal portraits.

g.      Unusual wedding Destinations like “in the middle of Jungle” and things similar to that.


Although listening to “ Din shagna da” song for bridal entry and in wedding teasers is kind of boring since almost everybody tends to do the very same.

We are more inclined towards historical monuments as each of its structure tell a lot of stories. Oorcha & Chittorgarh are our dream locations due to its rich historical significance and these are locations are still in their Raw and untouched form, the scope for creating exotic fresh images is immense, we believe.

Dramatic Images using of professional lighting setup like magmod, Same day Edits, Wedding teasers, Save the date teasers and Filming a full-fledged song on couples which gets played on their sangeet day have become some of the advancements we've seen in the field of photography in recent times.

We are immensely thankful to Pixel Story for taking the time in disintegrating the trends that are about to make 2018 a hit and making us understand it better.