Why Buy When You Can Rent Luxury - 8 Things You Can Rent For ‘D’ Day !

Why Buy When You Can Rent Luxury - 8 Things You Can Rent For ‘D’ Day !

Is all the wedding hustle and bustle turning you into bridezilla? Well, weddings are an expensive affair and if you have spilled over your budget, lemme tell you, you aren’t the first one! Before your wedding aspirations burn a massive hole in your pocket, read on and find out how you can save a few bucks and throw a lavish wedding all at the same time:

Why buy when you can borrow? Why buy when you can hire? Why buy when you can rent? In short – why buy at all! Being a new age diva bride that you are, why not add that factor of extra oomph to, your wedding while sticking to your budget. And trust us, it’s not rocket science. You can easily rent stuff that’s otherwise expensive to buy. At the end of the day, when you can enjoy the services at a nominal price, you shouldn’t consider any other alternative.

Luxury in a Budget – Rent it out! Yeah, when we consider renting, the next question is WHAT? Indeed, there’s a lot of stuff that can be rented. You can pick anything from vintage cars and hot air balloons, to a heavy bridal dress which will make you the star of the evening (which you’ll already be, but there’s no harm in dressing up like one as well). Steal the show with jaw dropping jewellery and a lot more. Have a look for some inspiration.

1. Hot Air Balloons

Want a pre-wedding shoot mid air? Hot air balloons are without doubt a wonderful idea. You can even use smoke bombs to add coloured clouds and get the perfect picture right out from a romantic fairytale! Two souls deeply in love and floating mid air is a dream capture.

2. Mason jars

Any rustic wedding is incomplete without these pretty little jars. They seal the deal with their multi utility which is as stylish as can be. They can be deployed as favour jars, vases and even glasses for cocktails and mocktails alike.

3. Vintage cars  

To make your wedding day more glamorous, you can add the rustic touch with vintage cars. But here, you need to be really careful. Make sure you check reputation, reviews, check vehicle condition, insurance, etc. and book early.

4. Chalkboards

Want to go old school yet snazzy with your information display? You can choose chalkboards for that. These can be used as table indications, for writing the menu and describing dishes, etc. Rest, you can be as creative as possible and play!

5. Mismatched furniture

Add the retro look to your wedding with mismatched chairs and tables which will give a small town and unique look to the entire venue.

6. Helicopters

With renting as an option, you can now make a dramatic entry to your wedding venue just like a movie star!

7. Wedding dress

Last but not the least, you can rent a wedding dress and some jewellery. These are the things that are rarely used again and take up a major chunk of the budget. Smart saving is essential after all!

8. Jewellery on rent

Thinking about renting the jewels too? Getting a Jodha Akbar look without spending like one is always a smart play.

The sky is the limit, folks. There’s a lot that you can rent to go classy on your special day, without going overboard with the expenses. Happy hunting and renting!