A Bubbly Bride And Her Beautiful Wedding Story

A Bubbly Bride And Her Beautiful Wedding Story

Weddings are always a package of fun, frolic an laughter. With one such wedding, we are here to tip you on getting the best done on your big day. Let's listen to Sneha rant about her joyous wedding to us at Shopzters.

It all happened by chance. Although we were familiar with each other at school, it took us many years later to first get to know each other, become friends- and then much more. I am Sneha Prasad, and I work in the marketing division of a reputed IT company for a living, and my fiance’, (writing that down gave me the butterflies) Vignesh, works as an orthopaedician uptown.  As might be obvious from my choice of career, I happen to enjoy the art of writing, and clichéd as this might sound, I suppose it was only natural that my “love story” is nothing short of a fairytale too.

We spent significant time getting to know each other, as did our families, and here we are today- Engaged.

Since the actual engagement happens on the day of the wedding, we proceeded with the uruthi- A ceremony in which a formal document is signed and exchanged between both families, assuring to give the daughter in hand to said boy- all amidst chants of thevaram and thiruvasagam- making it a divine event bearing promise. It also involves showering the daughter in law-to-be with blessings from friends and family on either side- thus sealing the bond between the families.

Ours took place at Hotel Le’ Royal Meridian in Chennai, amongst close friends and relatives on a Friday evening. We didn’t have too much time to prep, but thanks to the extensive hours spent drooling on Shopzters (I am no different from the multitudes of other South Indian brides wanting a dream wedding), I knew exactly which vendors to go with.

I had picked out my sarees from @kumaran-silks# (the orange one) and @rmkv# (the yellow one). I had always wanted an orange saree to be the first one [yes, orange is the new black, ladies], and yellow to be the second one [a mangalagaramaana beginning from my in laws to be]. So there wasn’t much ado in the choice of garment. My blouses were stitched by Deepika from Ishithaa. A special shout out to the Ganesha motif on my yellow saree’s blouse- I’ll take the risk of sounding too corny and say it, My fiancés name is Vignesh and I was wearing my “heart on my sleeve”. Cheesy much, yep! 

Working with Deepika is practically a dream. She knows exactly what her clients want and translates it so beautifully on to her work. All the women in my family had their blouses stitched by her. She stuck to timelines, adjusted measurements where needed and wasn’t shy with taking inputs from us. The best part was, even when I felt that the blouse to my second saree was a bit too flirty for the occasion, she made a second blouse in three days and had it sent over to me- I’d like to see another designer beat that kind of commitment now. 

Vignesh’s shirt and veshti were from RMKV as well- a more practical choice- breathable clothing, since the ceremony warranted his continuous movement and his tendency to sweat despite the AC. His comfort was visible, thanks to his sensible choice of clothing and he still looked dapper, nonetheless.

My make up was taken care of by @wink-unisex-salon#. I received a lot of compliments on it, pre and post event- saying that my eye make up was on fleek, thanks to Jessy. I even have a picture of my fiancé stealing a look, and I have Jessy to thank for, for that. 

@studio-31# was the photographer- they did a fantastic job with the pictures- so much so that every look, every laugh, every tear was caught by them and they displayed such professionalism in their work- right from the time I spoke to their business development manager to the time the photographs were delivered. Their team who did the traditional pictures were also nothing short of perfect, and I’d recommend them in an instant to anybody reading this.

All my gold jewellery is from @malabar-gold-and-diamonds#, Prince Jewellery on Cathedral Road and Challani Jewellery Mart. The nethi chutti and jada billa alone were rented from Sri Swarna Prabhu Jewellers in Mylapore.

All in all, my uruthi is a memory that I will cherish forever, because I constantly kept reminding myself to focus on the good, forget the unsavoury and to keep my loved ones close at all times- The one regimen I followed all through.