Experiment With Your Bridesmaids Outfits

Experiment With Your Bridesmaids Outfits

Indian Bridesmaids often have very limited options, so we bring to you 5 easy ways in which you can experiment with the outfits you choose for your closest friends.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are all the craze this season. So if you are looking for a gown or dress for your bridesmaids outfit, then a floral print should definitely be on top of your list. Give your bridesmaids the freedom to choose the style of the dress to add variety to the otherwise symmetrical scene.


Mix and Match

The bridesmaids can match the colours they are wearing and opt for different styles. For example, a bridesmaid's dupatta can match the other's salwar and so on. This will create a great illusion without getting monotonous.


Add Colour

You could simply pick a style and neckline that is similar for everybody, but give your bridesmaids the freedom to pick the colour of their choice. You could follow the rainbow theme with your bridesmaids too.


Experiment with the Back

Since most bridesmaids in India prefer wearing a saree, you have many options to experiment when it comes to the blouse. Net and lace are in this season, so feel free to have a lacy back and a sweetheart neck in the front.


Golden Blush

Golden has to be one of the most traditional colours when it comes to Indian weddings. So don't be afraid to let it take over your bridesmaid's outfits as well. Whether it is a saree or a dress, golden will look good on everybody effortlessly.