3 Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Receptions Glorious And Glitzy

South Indian weddings are the chance to become and go all traditional while receptions are a way to unleash the westernized charm and fashion inside all of you. There are so many ways to make your receptions look glitzy and glamorous. Here are a few samples, made and executed by @utsavs#. These reception decor ideas are so unique and very gorgeous that you can never go past having planned them already in your mind. Trust us in this!

With greens, golds and reds, this decor is just as amusing as any other fairy land you would see in South India.

A huge arena lit with brilliantly crafted floral additions and colourful lights. Try this and you are sure to receive so many compliments.

Designed on an outdoor set up, this one looks like it's been ripped off a Disney's big fat, classy wedding.