Everything You Need To Know About White Henna!

Mehendi ceremonies have evolved from being a few hours of celebration with family members to full fledged events with decorators and professional photographers. 

Although we do see some design changes the types of henna used have remained the same over ages. Colours vary from black to different shades of brown, red and deep orange. But have you ever heard of white henna?


To begin with, know that white henna is not derived from a plant source. It is completely synthetic and lasts up to 7 days. It is NOT bleach though. Application of white henna is pretty much the same as the regular one, with cones.

For those of you that are fond of embellishments, sparkling white henna with gems stuck on them is a dream come true.If you don't want to let go of the regular henna, you can always use white henna to create highlights on your mehendi. 


If you are wearing a light coloured saree or a white bridal gown, you can use white henna to create a lacy effect that will match your attire.

Giving a contemporary twist to the traditional henna, white henna is gaining popularity in the West. Especially with those with darker skin tones. 

So are you ready to experiment? Prepare to surprise your friends and family with exquisite henna designs and create a memorable mehendi function for all the rejoice and remember! 

Photo Credits - Pinterest